In light of the recent concerns about the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) into the US, we want you to know that Buckeye Payroll Services has developed a plan to assure that we can continue to serve our clients should we see significant infection from the virus in our communities. We will continue to monitor developments closely and take all necessary steps as warranted by events.

Undoubtedly you have considered this situation carefully as welland your business is most likely affected by the governments’ reactions to the virus. In Light of the recently announced restrictions on the size of groups to fewer than ten people, we have made some changes to our physical operation at the offices located at 5749 Park Center. Our reception area will be accessible during business hours but will only be staffed each day from 9:00 AM until 12:30 PM beginning today. Our staff are doing their very best to frequently sanitize surfaces and door handles throughout the day. If you need to stop by the office after 12:30 PM, it is advisable that you contact us either by email, text message or phone call ahead of time so that we are available to assist you when you arrive. In the event of further government restriction on travel and public events, this policy will be updated..

If your employees have been affected by the recent restriction on business and need any reports to complete their unemployment claims, we are here to provide information for you and them. Just let us know what you need.

We appreciate your patience in dealing with us during these trying times. We appreciate you as our client and will strive to ensure we meet your service needs at all times.